Bird Watching has taken the world by storm. Pawhaoa Bay Lodge on the edge of the Bay of Islands is uniquely situated for you to explore the peninsula that draws so much bird life and capture some of New Zealand's rarest and most cherished birds in their natural habitat.

Pawhaoa Bay Lodge being situated on the beach front and immediately adjacent to a large Department of Conservation Reserve provides a special environment for keen birdwatchers to see at close proximity many of our native, shoreline and sea water birds.

Quite a few can be seen in our garden without moving from your deck!

We can assist you with advice and excellent reference books for those keen to sight and identify the birds we have in our vicinity.

These birds are frequently seen on, or near, Pawhaoa Bay Lodge at most times of the year.

  • Pukeko


  • Kingfisher


  • Rosella Parakeet

    Rosella Parakeet

  • Paradise Duck

    Paradise Duck

  • Fantail


  • Dotteral


  • Spur Winged Plover

    Spur Winged Plover

  • Shining Cuckoo

    Shining Cuckoo

  • Brown Teal Duck

    Brown Teal Duck

  • Pied Stilt

    Pied Stilt

  • Wood Pigeon

    Wood Pigeon

  • North Island Brown Kiwi

    North Island Brown Kiwi

  • Australian Gannet

    Australian Gannet

  • Oyster Catcher

    Oyster Catcher

  • Black Backed Gull

    Black Backed Gull

  • Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

  • Reef Heron

    Reef Heron

  • White Fronted Turn

    White Fronted Turn

Pawhaoa Bay Lodge, Bland Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Luxury self catering accommodation, absolute water front with stunning sea vistas, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand.

Pawhaoa Bay Villas, 950 Whangaruru North Road, Bland Bay, RD 4, Hikurangi0184, 
Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand


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